jack and jackie

Jacqueline and John (Jack) Kennedy had previously met at a party and had shared a spark. Using the newspaper interview as a cover, Jacki was able to rekindle this spark without any pressure. The two of them had a wonderful chemistry. Jackie had a classiness to her that John's previous women did not. 

They started to see each other more often, Jack asked Jackie to accompany him to the inaugural ball of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Jackie was completely taken by this witty, intelligent, and good looking man.

She expressed her concern over Jack's poor eating habits by sending him gourmet meals, bought him books, and did her very best to get his attention. Her goal was a proposal. When it became clear to her that John wasn't yet ready to make such a strong commitment she pulled away.

Far away. Jackie left for England in May, covering the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II. The distance helped her contemplate the relationship, Jack's womanizing behaviors, and the huge change an engagement would present in her life. She knew that Jack's witty intelligence would compliment her own knowledge and warmth well. His womanizing didn't bother her so much. She idolized her father who had also displayed the same behaviors. They shared their Catholic religion, which mattered to Jackie. 

A month later Jackie returned to the States, where Jack Kennedy met her plane. They announced their engagement days later.


-jacqueline kennedy onassis-

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