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Jackie's role as First Lady turned her into an overnight celebrity. Her image was recognized all over the world and wherever she went, paparazzi were guaranteed to follow. 

Those who attended the lavish parties she hosted at the White House raved about her skills as a hostess. The minute her husband was inaugurated as President, Jackie was known as "America's Queen" - a title that would still fit her well if she were alive today.

During her years at the White House Jackie put her love of art and history to good use. 

 The video above is an example of the work she did with her White House renovation committee. When Jackie moved into the White House she was stunned at how nothing reflected the history of the country or the Presidents that had lived there before. She made it a priority to locate artifacts and furniture that had a history with the home and the leaders that once resided there. She hired a White House Curator, and sold brochures to raise money. The last thing she wanted to do was have the taxpayers fund her project.

While she was renovating she also changed the house architecturally to benefit her family. She wanted rooms that her children could play in.

That was just the kind of mother Jackie was. She was never rude about photographs and interviews and handled herself very well in the public eye, but she also protected the privacy of young Caroline and John.  

On a trip she took to France President Kennedy joked "I am the man who accompanied Jackie Kennedy to Paris - and I have enjoyed it!"

August of 1963 Jackie was again pregnant, with Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, who died two days after his birth due to infant respiratory distress syndrome. Just three months later the President was assassinated. 


- john f. kennedy, regarding the amount of attention jackie was given over him on a trip to france -

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