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Jackie's style is easily recognized by these common fashion staples:

  • double or triple strand of pearls
  • a pillbox hat
  • an a-line dress
  • white gloves
  • wide framed sunglasses
Her sense of fashion was classy. She knew what looked good on her. She knew what didn't. In a time when most women were still wearing hooped skirts she opted for the cleaner "a-line" to compliment her tall and trim frame. 

Her bouffant hair-do accentuated the features of her face. Jackie never over-did her makeup. She always looked fresh and presentable.

Those who have tried to copy her style have missed because they didn't pull it together they way Jackie would have. She paid attention to details, from her jewelry and brooches, to the way she stood with a confident posture.

After John's assassination (after living in the White House) her style changed in many ways. Although she never gave up on her signature staples, she mixed her wardrobe with different pieces.

In this time period she acquired more jeans, cardigans and sweaters instead of pea-coats. Although these fresh items were different they still fit her simple, classy, tasteful style.

There are not enough ways to describe this remarkable woman, but one of them would have to be "fashionable." Her look has been envied and attempted by a countless number of women, but in order to emulate her style you must also master the grace she used to pull it all off.


- jacqueline kennedy onassis -

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